To be able to offer the best for any pupil you need to understand the person. Pivot will support you in developing a robust assessment tool that can identify a range of needs and suggest possible methods of support. This, linked with the workable range of interventions, will see your students proceed from strength to strength.

Although mainstream education works well for the majority, we have found that the minority is increasing and additional support is now needed for pupils of all abilities. Pivot builds on current structures and will develop in house solutions that have longevity and are cost effective, while still focusing on learning and achievement for all.

Whether it is using the data you already collect or identifying what data needs to be collected, then Pivot can help. The second step is to use the collected data effectively by looking for the patterns that show pupil progress and to identify key interventions. Pivot has successfully worked with individual pupils in schools and whole school projects and interventions that have been rated as outstanding by OFSTED.

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