Child Protection

Pivot offer an in-house, registered specialist Social Worker to advise with your safeguarding and child protection needs.

We can provide:

  • Full school safeguarding audits;
  • Writing safeguarding and child protection policies;
  • Local area assessments to look at the impact outside school has on your pupils;
  • CPD and training;
  • Advice and support for working with local authority social care;
  • Family and child assessments to identify needs that will affect schooling.

With a decade of experience in all areas of statutory children’s services, Pivot will ensure you are meeting your responsibilities in safeguarding the pupils in your school.

We understand that safeguarding is an increasingly daunting but incredibly important aspect of your school and we are here to ensure the best for the pupils you educate and care for.

We can ensure your safeguarding needs in school are met with an experienced Children and Families Social Worker

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