Our Team

Specialist Social Worker

Paul Sutcliffe

Initially working in the Duty and Assessment Service, Paul worked on the initial referrals and core assessments of children in need, developing an interest in the legalities of child protection. Paul then worked for three years in the long-term Care Management Service. This allowed for further Court experience and also more intense case work working with families subject to child protection procedures.

This period in Care Management led to a final move within the Local Authority to the Looked After Children and Care Leavers service. Working with these young people already subject to care orders led to a consolidation of his experiences in children’s services, having seen the young people during all points of involvement, from the initial referral to gaining independence and leaving care.

Paul continued to gain experience of the legal side of care and worked on a number of secure accommodation cases alongside his regular case load.

It was during this time that Paul met Pivot through working with a young person they were both involved in, finally leading to a move to the company, bringing his experience of public sector children’s services, safeguarding and child protection procedures to the services Pivot can offer their clients.

“Paul is extremely professional in everything he does and takes his social work values and ethics very seriously. His primary concern is for his service users and families and he practices with integrity.”

Dr J Murphy

“Paul has a genuine motivation in identifying and applying research and a strong evidence base to his practice... and shows a strong child-centred perspective.”

Head of Social Care