The Pivot Academies

The Pivot Academies

Pivot Academies offer an alternative approach to education aimed at children and young people who may be struggling with mainstream school. We offer teaching and support to children and young people across Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 and have four schools in Kirklees and Leeds. We also offer places to children from neighbouring areas, such as Calderdale, Bradford and further afield.

Our purpose is to give all children access to equal choices and chances for life. We offer places to students experiencing issues with attendance, mental health and exclusion. Our highly skilled and passionate team give children the chance to challenge themselves whilst knowing they are in a supportive and safe school environment. We work with our students and their families to help to improve behaviours, support mental health and ultimately achieve academic success, giving them a brighter and better future.

Pupils in our Academies take part in activities that challenge their ideas of traditional learning, as well as following the National Curriculum. Our students are actively involved in the curriculum, suggesting questions and topics for learning, so the content is always engaging and relevant for them. We also make the most of offsite learning   at sports centres, equestrian centres, museums and arts centres.

Our teachers and support workers are experienced and highly skilled. We provide so much more than education, as our highly qualified team includes an Educational Psychologist, Social Worker and Pastoral team to support all our children. 

Discover how The Pivot Academies can help to support children at our Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 sites in Leeds and our Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 sites in Kirklees.

For any safeguarding concerns please contact Tina Quirke (Social Worker, Pivot Academies) on 07521 389805 or by email at

Our Chair of Governors is Paul Sutcliffe. He can be contacted by email at or by post c/o Sarah Craven, Pivot Group, Unit 11, Killingbeck Drive, Leeds LS14 6UF

Our Proprietor is Michael Smith. He can be contacted by email on or by post c/o Sarah Craven, Pivot Group, Unit 11, Killingbeck Drive, Leeds LS14 6UF

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